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Centurio - BAD Heavy

BAD Heavy
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The Baffled Advantage Device Heavy is the first and only 100% Less than Lethal distraction grenade, without any explosive it is a revolutionary in the world of Pyrotechnics. Centurio Design, the world’s leading manufacturer of Electronic Irritation Devices, has spent years in the development and research of the BAD Series. In the last few years tactical law enforcement units around the world have used greater numbers of flashbangs in different situations, but in most of the world an officer has the order to protect the life of the suspect / criminal, too. One of the highest directives in the world, is the security and integrity of human life. In conventional “flashbangs” or similar there is an explosion which in itself is dangerous.

What is the reason to use a flashbang?

It is only to confuse and to disorient the suspect during a tactical entry as you utilise the shock enduced moment to gain an undisputed advantage over the target.
Since severel gunmen in schools worldwide who shoot, kill and wound many students and teachers. The first one on scene needs a totally 100% non lethal option. We now have a new tool for them to use! Use of the BAD will elimnate suspect injuries in tactical situations!

The Benfits of the BAD:

100% Non Lethal technology
Use more than one time
No dangerous explosives
No dangerous flames
Easy to use for any one
Lightweight and compact
No physical risk to the suspect.


  • Material: Precision-machined Aircraft Aluminum Construction (6061-T6)
  • Tube Diameter: 55mm
  • Length: 120mm
  • Weight: 520g (with batteries)
  • Battery: 2 x RCR123A lithium batteries
  • Bulb: 18 CREE LEDs
  • Waterproof: 1 meter guaranteed
  • Noise: single speaker, dual output levels
  • Case: Shock-isolated bulbs and body

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