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Centurio - Sentinel Commodore-T

Sentinel Commodore-T
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The differences between the flashlights:

Sentinel EDC® (two CR123 batteries and small head neck)
Sentinel EDC-T® (three batteries and a long head neck).
Sentinel Commodore-T® comes with three CR123 batteries and long head neck.
This Light was created especially for maritime operators who use heavy gloves or neoprene gloves must wear.

We have remained loyal to our classic “Lightning Less-Lethal Weapons® (LLLW®)” line and connect luminosity and self-defense in a flashlight which can be used by law-enforcement or private security officers or Military and Tactical and Survival Specialists and also law-abiding citizens who like to own and to carry legal a self-defense device. It´s anglehead design provides personal illumination anywhere, anytime simply with a push of it´s top-positioned button, now updated with our exclusive strobe and BlueZeus® technology.  This shockproof bulb, the classic JC Impact Ring® designed to pursue windows in an emergency and the new strong pick at the tail are upgrades Designed to be inserted into the ground from the design of the Anglehead Flashlight in the past. The light will use 3 CR123 batteries. Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction.


  • Material: Precision-machined, Anodized Aircaft Aluminum Construction
  • Size: 145.00mm x 25mm
  • Weight: 199 g
  • Bulb: Shock-Isolated Bulb
  • Lumens: 343
  • Battery: 3 x CR123A 3V Lithium
  • Modes: ◦Hold = Strobe
  •  ◦Tap = Constant Light

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