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Cyalume - LightShape Circle Markers

LightShape Circle Markers
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3" LightShape Circle Markers

Activation is easy. Just press, snap, and shake and within a short time the color will cover the diameter. Peel the paper backing and adhere to any surface.


  •  Medical triage
  •  Evacuation Procedures
  •  Room clearing
  •  Trail marking
  •  IFF and vehicle identification
  •  Convoy marking
  •  Personnel identification
  •  Danger area marking
  •  Target marking


Product code Details
CY-9-42700PF 4 Hour, Blue 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-42720PF 4 Hour, Red 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-42710PF 4 Hour, Yellow 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-50860PF 4 Hour, Green 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-42730PF 4 Hour, Orange 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-17050PF 8 Hour, Infrared 10 x 10 Pack
CY-9-50850PF 3 Hour, Infrared 10 x 10 Pack

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