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Cyalume - Mini ChemLight LightSticks

Mini ChemLight LightSticks
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Cyalume Mini ChemLight

Small and compact enough to fit anywhere, the Mini ChemLight® is a dependable source of light for military and law enforcement applications. Individually wrapped in aluminium foil complex, the chemical light stick has a elongated shape rounded on both ends.

Standard size - 3.75cm


  •  Reading maps, altimeter, compass, watch illuminator
  •  Cockpit lighting, cockpit illumination marker
  •  Underwater operations
  •  Shipboard fire-fighting “bread crumb trails”
  •  Color code marking (identification, level of danger, triage)
  •  Medical kits and equipment marking, canbe included in survival kits
  •  Identifying leader marking on helmet on night time operations and manoeuvers
  •  Paratroopers jumping safety marking
  •  Covert surveillance and building searches


Product code Details
CY-9-44360PF 4 Hour, Blue Case of 50
CY-9-86000PF 4 Hour, Lt Red Case of 50
CY-9-44350PF 4 Hour, Yellow Case of 50
CY-9-44340PF 4 Hour, Green Case of 50
CY-9-03640PF 3 Hour Infrared Case of 50
CY-9-28690PF 5cm 4 Hour, Yellow Case of 50
CY-9-28170PF 5cm 4 Hour,, Green Case of 50
CY-9-28700PF 7.5cm 4 Hour, Yellow Case of 25

Product Documents:
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