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Ledwave - Wild Finder II Light

Wild Finder II Light
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The first torch that has been designed specifically for hunters. The rapid expansion undergone by this sector has made it possible to develop a pocket torch that satisfies the special needs of hunters. Casing: black, anodized Light Colour: the 3,5W. filterless (and thus with no loss of range) LED generates a red light that does not disturb wild life, and which at the same time helps the human eye to make out the surroundings. Red LED is a light source that is 100% invisible for animals. Animals will never notice that you are targeting them with a light source. The LEDs are shock-resistant and will not break even if turned on and off frequently. Our 2nd. Generation 3,5 Watt LED, opposed to a 5 Watt one, can be left on continuously for however is desired and it is much brighter than any LED available now. Ideal for hunters but also observing wild life from up to 90m away, approximately.


  • Lumens: 90
  • Battery duration: 2 hours
  • Bulb: 3.5 Watt LED
  • Battery: 2 x CR123A
  • Product Code: LED-00003

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