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Peltor - E-A-R Combat Arms double ended

E-A-R Combat Arms double ended
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E-A-R Combat Arms double ended

Specially developed earplugs for the military to provide situational awareness and protect against high level of peak impulse noise from small arms and artillery weapons fire. Open Mode: this earplug’s patented design allows wearers to hear low-level sounds critical to mission safety – conversation, footsteps, rifle bolts. When needed, the earplug reacts to help provide instant protection from high level impulse noises like weapons fire and explosions. Closed Mode: for hearing protection against constant noise (aircraft, armored vehicles, etc.) without hear-through


  •  Patented dual-protection design
  •  Low-level sounds heard clearly
  •  High-impulse noise blocked instantly
  •  Premolded triple-flange design fits most ear canals
  •  Comfortable and reusable
  •  No batteries or moving parts


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