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Peltor - PTT FL5030

PTT FL5030
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PTT FL5030

The PTT button is logically placed so that it is easy to access with either hand. The special design also makes it easy to use even with heavy gloves. The PTT button has a specific pressure point with a clear on/off indicator. The jack is at a 10 degree angle to the fixed cord and positioned so that the headset is easy to plug in and unplug in all situations.


  • Key Features: All external metal are rust robust materials
  •  Clamp can be twisted 360 degree
  •  Int/ ext switch for the radio speaker
  •  Design to fit the size and shape of the hand


Product code Details
PEL-94468 FL50101 Sepura PTT for 8000 and 9000 series
PEL-93419/A FL5058 Sepura PTT Adaptor
PEL-93419/B FL5062 Motorola MTH800 PTT Adaptor
PEL-93419/D FL5030 GP340 UHF PTT Adaptor

Product Documents:
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