• Cyalume - 15 inch LightStick

    The only LightStick that activates on impact, providing instant illumination. When near gas or oil, or any combustable materials, the 15" Impact (40cm) stick is a dependable source of emergency lighting that is safe for use in all environments. Recommended for confined space lighting, vehicle repairs, building searches, bundle drops, refuel/rearm sites, and hazard markers. 15" Non-Impact LightSticks are also available (1 end ring)


    • Building searches and for law enforcement
    • Helicopter landing zone
    • Emergency marking
    • Employed without exposing your position
    • Startling and distracting the adversary
    • Immediate identification of danger
    • Air bundle drops for night time operations
    • Identifying training torpedoes for quicker retrieval (Navy)
    • Coverting surveillance & building searches

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