• Centanex - CTX-BG

    CTX Ball Grenade

    The CTX Ball Grenade combines sound and flash function with extremely effective payload deployment for both operational and training uses.

    With a selection of payload options available, the device can be tailored to meet numerous end user requirements.

    The Ball Grenade casing is manufactured from a unique flexible biodegradable material, and has been designed specifically for the requirements of various UK Police Tactical Firearms Units and Military users.

    The CTX Ball Grenade features the three-stage safety, fly off lever mechanism, common in all our products with this method of initiation.

    The device is held in the normal manner and pressure is applied upwards to release the ring pull system. Once released, the pin can then be twisted and is withdrawn in the normal manner.

    As soon as the grenade leaves the hand, the fly-off-lever is released, allowing the hammer arm to function. The hammer in turn initiates the primer cap, functioning the grenade via the internal delay fuse element.



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