• Spuhr - SP-3026


    Extremely sturdy scopemount, with possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount. Built-in level. 45 degree split of the rings gives better view of the knobs.


    Article number: SP-3026
    "The Noveske Shooting Team mount"

    Most AR15-style cantilever mounts are 1,5" (38mm) high, which provides a nice good cheek weld.

    The SP-3026 is 1,26" (32mm high) and gives a much tighter cheek weld than most other AR-mounts on the market, making fast and instinctive shooting much easier and faster.

    The mount is designed for speed shooting in 3gun and IPSC-style rifle competitions and therefore does not have the bubble level most other Spuhr mounts have.

    The Noveske Shooting Team Mount was developed on special request from the Noveske Shooting Team to give them extra advantage in 3gun competitions.

    10-degree wedge included

    0 MIL/0 MOA
    Height: 32 mm/1.26”
    Length: 140 mm/5.51”
    Weight: 223 g/7.9 oz


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