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    Stoeger 8000 Cougar Pistols: Champions of Tactical Reliability

    The Stoeger 8000 Cougar semi-auto pistol inherits the formidable reputation of the original Beretta model as a reliable, potent pistol. Initially designed primarily as an undercover gun, the Cougar is now carried by growing numbers of police officers worldwide as their official duty sidearm because of its superior ergonomic design, low recoil and inherent accuracy

    Low Recoil

    Upon firing this pistol, shooters are amazed by the low felt recoil. This is due to two factors working together. The first is the rotating barrel system, which dissipates recoil radially rather than directing it into the shooter's hand. The second is the central block, which absorbs the mechanical recoil from the barrel and the slide before this is transferred to the frame. When the Cougar is in battery, the positive lock-up of barrel to slide assures perfect alignment of barrel and sights. Upon firing, the barrel travels and rotates with axial movement. Besides low recoil, the result is superior accuracy and quicker recovery for follow-up shots.

    Advanced Ergonomics for Easy Handling, Control, Concealment

    The Cougar is one of the most ergonomically advanced pistols in its class. The user-friendly, contoured frame and grips make the Cougar exceptionally easy to control during firing. By taking hand anatomy and instinctive hold into account, the Cougar accommodates smaller hands and also protects larger hands from being bitten by the slide. All edges are rounded or beveled, and are carefully finished to make the Cougar virtually snag-proof and exceptionally easy to draw and conceal.



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