• Steiner - S432

    The Steiner S432 (4x zoom) is designed and engineered to be the best sight in the market due to the combination of optical quality, field of view, eye relief and a large eye box.

    The S-Series provides enhanced accuracy and quick target acquisition in a compact size with a bright and brilliant optical quality. They are easy to mount and simple to use becoming the most effective and convenient sights in the market.

    Global item no. 8794900103-7.62 (7.62 reticle)
    Global item no. 8794900108-5.56 (5.56 reticle)
    Global item no. 8794900125 (P7 TR)


    Magnification: 4x
    Battery: CR2032
    Waterproof: 10m
    Length: 145mm
    Weight: 710 Grams

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