• Sako - TRG 22/42 A1

    testThe Sako TRG is an accuracy concept
    designed to accomplish a single-minded
    mission: to hit the target – whatever it takes.
    It is a result of Sako’s ambitious innovation
    laboratories, giving you unique performance
    that surpasses the highest demands for
    accuracy, reliability and versatility.

    The TRG Accuracy concept is designed to meet individual
    demands. This means that it adapts to each shooter’s personal
    style, build and posture. The super target-grade barrel, made
    especially for the TRG rifles, is cold-hammer forged. The
    sturdy bolt with three locking lugs accurately feeds rounds
    from the centerline of a detachable staggered two-row
    magazine. All Sako TRG receivers are drilled and tapped
    for a Picatinny rail.

    Compositions include black, forest green or desert tan
    colored aluminum-reinforced stocks with various barrel
    and action finishes.

    The TRG Accuracy Concept serves several military and law
    enforcement organizations as their primary sniper weapon
    system. The rifle is also used by long-range competition
    shooters and is a CISM competition winner.


    Weight: 3.7kg - 4.1 kg
    Caliber: .308 Win, 260 Rem, 6.5CM, .300Win Mag, .338 LM
    Colour: Black, Forest Green, Desert Tan
    Blade Length: 510 mm - 610 mm


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