• PROSpike mechanized spike system

    PROCentrum Equipment brings a new, innovative and mechanized vehicle stop system to the international market: the PROSpike mechanized spike. This advanced spike system stands above the other available conventional spikes and mechanized spike systems through our focus on safety and efficiency. The PROSpike is small, mobile and remote controlled. Creating distance between the spike strip and the operator increases the safety of police officers, traffic controllers, customs personnel etc. The PROSpike is applicable in various applications such as traffic controls, border controls, creating a green zone around an event and stopping fleeing vehicles.


    Creating a safe work environment

    Until the PROCentrum PROSpike, the use of a police stinger was a dangerous last resort tactic. The operational officer had to position himself dangerously close the fleeing vehicle and thus making himself a target. The PROSpike is designed to increase the safety of operating personnel to a higher level. A police officer should be able to position a spike strip, retreat to a safe distance and coordinate the situation for the highest success rate. The PROSpike is remote controlled up to 100 meters (328 feet). This allows the operating officer to create a safe and stress free distance from the danger zone to maintain complete focus on the situation. By using distance as a safety measure, the risk of bodily harm is greatly reduced for officers and civilians.

    A guaranteed safe work environment

    The PROSpike comes with an abundance of pre deployment safety measure guaranteeing a safe PROSpike whilst not in use without sacrificing a quick deployment. A front cover held in place by a safety pin, a covered main switch and an internal testing system make the PROSpike work safe. The PROSpike is both CE and TUV certified for quality, furthermore the PROSpike is specifically designed conform the high standard European work safety laws. The PROSpike weighs only 15 kilo (33 lbs.) making it accessible for everyone to use. The internal testing system corresponds with the LED lights at the back of the PROSpike showing the current operational status. When maintained properly the PROSpike will be ready in the line of duty.

    Air pressure

    The PROSpike can be placed on the designated location well in advanced of the approaching vehicle. Using the remote control the PROSpike can be launched just before the suspect vehicle approaches and retracted before the follow vehicles reach the PROSpike. The spike strip is powered through 7 bar (100 PSI) of air power. A 12 volt mini compressor powered by a vehicles dc output is included with any PROSpike. While attached to the mini compressor, the PROSpike continuously refills itself when the air pressure decreases, creating an ever ready spike system. A filled PROSpike has enough pressure to complete two cycles (launch + retract).

    Hollow spikes for a controlled deflation

    The PROSpike spike strip has 96 hollow spikes. When the target vehicle rolls over the PROSpike the spikes will penetrate the tires resulting in a controlled deflation. Within an average of 200 meter the tires will be completely deflated. The target vehicle can now be safely intercepted. The hollow spikes are designed to force a controlled deflation of the tires to increase the safety of civilians, officers and the target vehicle. 

    Easy maintenance.

    After deployment simply replace the used hollow spikes using the included spike tool. The PROSpike is delivered with 10 extra spikes. Extra spikes can easily be ordered at PROCentrum Equipment or your local PROSpike dealer. The PROSpike doesn't require any extensive maintenance. Simply remove any dirt in the spike strip and lubricate the moving parts to ensure a successful redeployment.

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